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March check-in thread

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Re: March check-in thread

February was a good month for me. I paid off close to $1400 in debt and I managed to PIF an account. It's my low limit Target card and this has to been the 4th or 5th time I've PIFed it. I may stick it in my freezer. I got a nice 15 pt bump in my score yesterday and I should gain some more points when my new balances post.

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Goal Score: 740+

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Re: March check-in thread

Holy Moly!!!!! I just pulled my March fico score here with myFico and my TU score jumped from 609 to 652 in a month. I am beyond happy and excited but I know I see have work to do.  I want to thank everyone for their great advice when I had questions, these threads are truly AWESOME!!!!!!! Smiley Very HappyWoman LOL

Starting Score:TU 580 EX ? 1/7/2013
Current Score:TU 659 4/2/2013 EX 650 4/20/2013
Goal Score: 670

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Re: March check-in thread

March was awesome!!!!!! I paid off a few credit cards and opened two others. One Chase Freedom card with a 2.5K limit and a Discover It card with a 1.7K limit (the two highest credit card limits yet). 


I'm working hard! Good luck you all Smiley Happy

Starting Score: Feb 2013: EQ 659 TU 668
Current Score: April 2013: EQ 693 (FICO) TU 685 (FICO)
Goal Score: 750

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Re: March check-in thread

Continuing to pay down cards and keep bills on time!  Want to get utilization down to under 35% then to zero.  I'm at about 48% now.  Waiting for a couple of old things to drop off this year.  I had made arrangments to pay a new item and once I made my first payment the company they posted it to my credit report - this is the same account that is being listed with 3 other companies.  So yes, it's on 3 times!  I have that to clear up over the next few months.


What does being "IN THE GARDEN" mean?

FICO: EQ 768 | TU 813 | EX 781

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Re: March check-in thread

In The Garden means an individual will not apply for credit line increases, apply for new loans or credit cards, and will just wait, watch and observe your credit report as it ages, improves, and the negatives become less and less of an issue and eventually age off as time passes.

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Re: March check-in thread

That's kind of beautiful.  I think I will go spend some time in the garden myself.

FICO: EQ 768 | TU 813 | EX 781

Amex BCE $25000, SFFCU Visa $15000 + LOC $5000, USAA Amex $6000, USAA MC $7000, Cap1 $8000, Freedom $12000, Slate $500, Barclays "RIP" SM $11500, USBank Cash+ $7500, Citi Diamond $7900, Citi Double Cash $3700, Care Credit $13500k.
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So i've paid off 3 cards, 1 auto loan and had a 60 day la...

So i've paid off 3 cards, 1 auto loan and had a 60 day late fee removed from my CR since joining this site. Saw about a 50 point increase while being enrolled for 2-3 weeks. Looking forward to reaching 700.

Starting Score: 583 February 16, 2013
Current Score: EQ 634 April 11 TU 645 (Walmart) April 2013
Goal Score: 700

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Re: March check-in thread

Hey everyone! I'm new but I figured that I would join in on the March Check-In and ask a few questions!


Last month I PIF a luxury account. I proposed to my girlfriend and she said yes! The luxury account was for an engagement ring. I set a goal of paying it off before our anniversary and I did it!


I got my credit card from 98% utilization to 16% (It is my emergency card, too bad I'm always having emergencies ie: car breaking down, car engine going kabloe, buying a new car... ah life so full of "suprises"!)


That is all for my february 1-march 1 update! My score went from 670 to 722!!!


I am looking forward to an increase in my credit score mostly around july when I will have 6 out of 9, yes 6; I had a few boos boos back when I was trying to get credit and a car. I would apply for a credit card or a car loan, wouldn't like what I saw or couldn't get something and I'd apply a month or so later and it wouldn't count. I know better now!


Now some questions that I have, answer via private message is prefered so that it doesn't clutter this check in!:


What should I do at this point? I don't necessarily want more credit cards but I can definitely see an advantage to having them as a cushion, so long as I can PIF or pay most of it off.


What have you guys done? I would love to hear stories of people who have increased or kept their score up over time. I am hoping to be transitioning to a new job, that pays 5-10x more than what I make now! I like living within my means and I dislike credit but I see the necessity of it!


I'm thinking of getting a rewards card, yay or nay? Advice on which ones I should take a look at? 




Starting Score: 637
Current Score: EQ:712 TransRISK: 724
Goal Score: 780

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Re: March check-in thread

Hey fellow challengers!!  I just posted my first entry to the myFICO Score Challenge today, and I decided to post in the March update ASAP.  I am happy to report that ALL of my scores have gone upabout 60 points since December 2012 when I first started and are now within a 7 point difference of each other!!  YEAH!


I am so mad at myself for not doing this sooner,but I am so glad that I have been progressing.  I am going to get a second secured card from my bank so that I can continue to use credit wisely, and improve my score.


This used to seem so daunting, but now I know all it takes is a little diligence and patience.  I am on to tackling the CAs on my report and hopefully getting a good response to a couple of PFDs that I am going to send out over the weekend.


TU- 566

EQ - 567

EX- 573

Starting Score: TU 520 EQ 509 EX 481
Current Score: TU 577 EQ 571 EX 557
Goal Score: TU 748 EQ 730 EX 700

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Re: March check-in thread

I'm so excited about the progress I've made so far. At the end of February I was able to PIF Citibank-$980 and Capital One $522 (formerly Account Central/HSBC). Next week I will PIF my Applied Bank Card $356 (looking forward to closing this card one day) and I will have a zero balance on all six cards except the $55 balance I left on my Citibank. I just received a letter today from TransUnion that a $79 medical collection that I disputed has been deleted from my CR!! (My original post about this debt is on the MyFico Fitness Challenge page under chan35).

I started January off with an EQ score of 681. On Monday it jumped to 688. EX Plus is 700 and I haven't pulled TU yet. I'll wait until all my payments report before I pull all three updated CRs. I so hope this progress puts me in the 700 club. Much success to everyone!

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Goal Score: 800
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