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May Check in Thread

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Re: May Check in Thread

Hey guys,

Month two here for me and no change in fico score. I should have expected this, but it's better than a decrease. Until next month!

Starting Score: 697
Current Score: 708
Goal Score: 750

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Re: May Check in Thread

Hey folks, this is my first check-in. 


I started May  with an 607 score, two collection (both paid) currently looking to have them removed. My starting goal is 720 by December. People have told me that i can get there faster but i'm new checking my scores so i dont know how fast they change.


Any way good luck to everyone, Now back to making the Dream A Reality.

Starting Score: 581 (4/20/14)
Current Score: 696 (6/21/14)
Goal Score: 720

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Re: May Check in Thread

Raised my score somehow with my SC a few points this past month~ Have a slightly better job so maybe I can actually save money to pay off some collections now. None of them fall off until at least 2017 so I'm gonna need all the help/luck I can with that. Ended up owing the IRS money this year though, so no large refund for me.

Starting Score: 562
Current Score: 562
Goal Score: 750

Starting Score (10/13/15): EQ:489 | TU:409
Current Score (01/21/16): EQ:562 | TU:595 | EXP:578
Goal Score:700
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Re: May Check in Thread

This is my first time doing the challenge and I'm excited.  It seems so many people have increased their scores and hearing their tips and seeing their successes makes it so rewarding.  To start my horrible credit, I made some mistakes back in 2000-including filing Chapter 7.  Every since then, I have been trying to climb back uphill.  I also was with a guy who took care our our finances for 10 years---he wasn't as good at that as he thought so I'm still trying to fix some of his mistakes.  I've had quite a journey but my new and biggest goal ever is to buy a house.  I want to make sure I have all my ducks in a row and am not paying huge interest for my dream.  I don't see the point of spending any extra money if I don't have too.  I've talked to my bank about getting preapproved and they glanced at my credit and mentioned on acct that is in collections-which will drop off in 2015.  Other than that speed bump I would like to try to get some goodwill letters going for the late payments back in 2008-2009 due to my ex. 

Starting Score: 645
Current Score: 713!
Goal Score: 700

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Re: May Check in Thread

Whoops, this is my first check-in in a while!


-Student loan rehab complete 4/21, picked up by Sallie Mae a week later. Waiting for Sallie Mae to add those positive TLs so I can start working on the negative ones.

-In February my $500 secured CC was upgrade to an unsecured Visa Platinum with a $1k CL! Keeping my utilization on this one at ~9%.

-In April, I mistakenly let my car dealership run my credit through about 10 banks, resulting in 10 HPs. Yay. Score dipped quite a bit.

-Last week I got a ScoreWatch alert...I went from a 605 to a 627. How? I'm not sure. But I'll take it!


Looking at the month ahead (even though we're halfway through May already...)

-Hopefully Sallie Mae adds those postive post-rehab TLs

-GW/dispute the negative TLs & three duplicate TLs, hopefully get those removed

-Sell my car & finance a new one!

Starting Score: 523
Current Score: 643
Goal Score: 700 club

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Re: May Check in Thread

This is my first monthly check in.  I just started here about 2 weeks ago.  Have read a ton of threads.    When I first checked my score early May it was a a Credit One card and my score went to 622 yesterday.  My goal for Dec 14 is 650.  Back in 2009 my husband became disabled and was not able to work.  It took 12 months for him to be approved for Socail Security and I had to pay all the basic bills.  I did not have alot of credit then..just because I did not.  I have since been hit with medical collections and a couple of tax liens that are now paid.  I would like to buy a new car in I need to re-build my credit.  I was  not credit knowledge savy at all...but learning now.   I am hoping to follow the advice here and see my score climb.  So hello everyone and I will contribute often...thanks. 

Starting Score: 607
Current Score: 622
Goal Score: 650

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Re: May Check in Thread

Checking in for May...


Gardening until July or so, and hoping for a CLI on Barclays Reward before then, since I've put heavy usage on it and keeping util <9%. 


Also, I thought a GW letter had succeeded--for a 30 day late in 2012--but was ultimately denied (QS1). However, was approved for $500 CLI when I hit the luv button. Go figure.


Highlight of the month was when I pulled my EX CR & CS off myfico and was pleasantly surprised to have hit 700....finally!!  

Starting Score: 521EX
Current Score: ? EX 701 EQ 720 TU
Goal Score: 750+

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Re: May Check in Thread

Altering Views - Congrats on your house! I hope all goes through as expected! That's also a big goal of mine but I'm a bit farther away from it than you.  Please follow up and let us know how it goes Smiley Happy


Just since February my score has gone up to 604.  I'm so excited about that but am still 40ish points away from hitting my house goal.  I'm trying to figure out which next step to take in my credit journey.  I definitely don't want to go backwards! 

Starting Score: 499
Current Score: 604
Goal Score: 650

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Re: May Check in Thread

This is my first check in so I initially got it wroing and put it with the 2014 goals post.


To reiterate my goals:


  1. I want to improve my FICO score to the 760-850 range.
  2. I want to buy a new house near my children (keeping my current home as rental property).
  3. The FICO score I want to improve by 9/2014.  I want to be preapproved for a home loan by 11/2014. 
I'm on track to have all credti card debt paid 9/2014; I've gotten all of my credit card debt below 25% utilization and I paid off two cards this month.  I was on a plan to pay off all debt by 12/2016 (including my house), but I'm now paying off credit cards and saving additional down payment funds.  


After I pay off cards, I'll save 3K per month for extra funds toward mortgage (using the extra to cover closing costs and fees so that the down I have saved will go toward mortgage loan).


  1. Current Score: EX 808 EQ 725:TU 734 on 5/10/14 Score: EX 751 EQ 720 TU 737 on 4/9/14
    Goal Score: 800
  2. Found three homes near kids. All three had accepted offers when I submitted mine. Thus, I ended up being backup offer. None worked, but goal was Nov 2014.  Actually my goal was pre-approval by November.  Updated goal is to find a home by October 2014 and have loan close by Dec 2014 with lower than 4.25%
  3. I got preapproved for home loans by two lenders.  I made the mistake of logging on lending tree and backing out when they asked for my social.  People started calling and I spoke to two of them.  The second one had "what if scenario software" and advised me to save towards down payment instead of paying off cards since I already have cards below 25%.  He said the bump I would get from paying off cards would not be significant and that having the money in-hand would ensure that if the lender asked for a specific card to be paid off, I could pay off that card at time of loan, instead of having paid down the wrong card.

Based on lender's advice.  I'll save $2400 & pay 600+ toward cc.  Paying off cc by 12/2014, instead of 9/2014.

Update on Experian bankcard score eff 5/10/14 provided on 5/22: 808; TranUnion 734; Equifax 725:


Original Mortgage maturity Sept 2044; Refi maturity Dec 2030
Starting Score: EX 751 EQ 720 TU 737 on 4/9/14
Current Score: EX 849 EQ 835 TU 843
Goal Score: 850

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Re: May Check in Thread

Well, that $10 bill that I forgot to pay back in '07 has finally been purged, so the "negative informaiton" on my report is gone at last.  Hard to believe $10 could cost me so much for so long.  Now I will just have to sit and wait for all those new accounts I opened last year to mature a bit.  A word of advice; I financed two new vehicles last year, and both banks involved issued me credit cards and checking accounts to go along with the loans.  Now the cars are paid for, but I still have six "new" accounts on my record.  Does anybody know which would hurt my score more, closing all those accounts or just letting them sit and mature?


Starting Score: EX 808 EQ 777 TU 788
Current Score: EX 808 EQ 802 TU 792
Goal Score: 825

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