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November 2015 Check-In Thread

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Fall is finally here!  With the holidays just around the corner, some of us have already laid out a budget so not to overspend. If you haven't thought about a budget, do you plan to?  Are you afraid to overspend?  What new ideas or plans do you have so that 0% promos don't sway you away from your goals?  Are you where you want to be with your debt or are you struggling to figure out away to get out of debt before you get into more debt? Are you the type of person that thinks of Christmas the whole year? Do you consume the presents or buy the presents? During this holiday season, it's important as ever to keep these principles first: people first, then money, then things. (Suze Orman! Smiley Wink) Experiences are oftentimes much more well received/remembered than some thing. Have fun with your loved ones this year. They want YOU, not the thing. 


I know you are all hard at work with your credit goals.  Have we progressed as far as we hoped?  Were there any unforseen expenses that cropped up and may have thrown you off schedule?


As a reminder, participation in these monthly check-ins is optional, but encouraged. The goal is to help keep you on track, so feel free to post your progress updates here. This is a no-judge zone; feel free to say what's keeping you up at night or give yourself a kudo for having it all together.


Did you hit any potholes or speedbumps? Achieve some milestones, either small or mighty? Change your goals or add new ones?


Let us know how you're doing! What have been your biggest accomplishments and obstacles so far in the myFICO Fitness Challenge?

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Re: November 2015 Check-In Thread

Still staying the course of no apps! Last HP was May 2014. Refuse to allow myself any apps. Truth, I could stand to close some cards. Lots of reasons to app so I am holding strong. My goal of a FICO Score of 850 (300 to 850) is close and that is my priority (for me). Did an update to my credit services and found my scores all went up several points due to payments posting bringing my utilization well under 1%. My rationale for closing cards is too many to keep active on my spend/utilization pattern. My herd of cards is good so "no complaints mate".
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Re: November 2015 Check-In Thread

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If you haven't thought about a budget, do you plan to?  Already have my Holiday Budget, including Black Friday Spending. 


Are you afraid to overspend?  No. 


What new ideas or plans do you have so that 0% promos don't sway you away from your goals?  I don't qualify for 0% Promos (yet), lol.... #EasySolution lol


Are you where you want to be with your debt or are you struggling to figure out away to get out of debt before you get into more debt? Technically, credit wise, I have no debt, but I do have other outstanding obligations (3), that I plan to have taken care of buy the years end.


Are you the type of person that thinks of Christmas the whole year? Nope. But come Thanksgiving, I TOTALLY get in the Holiday Spirit ..... #SuperExcited #BringOutTheUglySweaters lol


Do you consume the presents or buy the presents? Selfish consumer, lol... although I buy a few (mom, bro, sis and grandmother)... Everyone else, #NotMyProblem #Selfishly20Something 


Have we progressed as far as we hoped?  YES!!!! I'm super happy! I'm super proud of myself, having never previously understood and/or given a damn about my credit. Thinking about my goal for next year....  #FeelingLikeARealAdult #TakingResponsibilityForMe #MyFinancialHealthIsImportantToo


Were there any unforseen expenses that cropped up and may have thrown you off schedule? Nope =-) .... If anything, there was unforseen income... #AwesomeSauce 


What have been your biggest accomplishments and obstacles so far in the myFICO Fitness Challenge? Accomplishment... Reaching my goal early.... Obstacle... lack of patience. 


Did you hit any potholes or speedbumps? Nope. 


Achieve some milestones, either small or mighty? I've achieved the credit score I wanted to by 12/31/2015 (done in October) #IDidThat


Change your goals or add new ones? I haven't changed goals, although I have changed a specific plan, getting a secured CO. I was approved for one, twice. My most recent approval expired 10/25. Which is fine by me. I plan on working my Fingerhut until I qualify for an US CO. 




Will share my progress later... Busy Morning.... 

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Re: November 2015 Check-In Thread

Happy November everyone!  I've reached my goal of no CC debt.  I made my final payment of $1430.01 to BOA.  Pretty happy with that!  Also broke down and apped for my first amex through Macys and got a CL of $8000.  I don't know of anything else I want or need in the CC dept, so going into the garden to let these inq age off.  My next project is my HELOC.  That will take awhile but starting payments early than I have to will get it paid off earlier.  Looking at around 5 years but planning on putting next years summer PT job towad the balance as well so hoping for 2.5 to 3 years.  Plan for the worst and hope for the best!!  Now is the time to adjust my budget to allow for no PT income.  Winter PT goes for Christmas.  Also need a remodel on my bathroom before Feb I hope.  Thanks for all the info from the great people here - see you in Dec!

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Re: November 2015 Check-In Thread

I am new to the community.  When I started the process of rebuilding my credit in January of this year my scores were:


Equifax  613  Transunion 620  Experian 618


Now on 10/15/2015 they are now

Equifax  707  Transunion 710  Experian 719


Goal is 780 by March of 2016....not sure if that is possible but I want it bad.  (Want to purchase an Travel Trailer RV for my family to enjoy why they are young)


My issues were Medical Collections (had 5 and all have been removed) and late payments.  I have had little success getting them removed by writing letters.  But I am researching now what strategies to use.


In addition some years ago I had trouble with credit  card balances and cash flow etc.  When I refinanced my home and then paid off all cards.  Now I only have a Mortgage, Car Payment, Student Loan (less than $1,300 left was about $40K) and 2 credit cards Capital One QuickSilver with a $1,500 limit and I pay off monthly and  Home Depot card with $300 buck on it with a $3,000 available.  I have no other credit card accounts other than store cards where an item was purchased  and then paid off in full.  But they appear to be active with no balance (need to figure out what to do with those as well).


My biggest issue left is a Tax Lien from 2011 and 2012.  I had a lien of $54K and have paid off $34K and continue to make payments.  If i cannot get that removed I may need professional help cause it is scary as hell.

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Re: November 2015 Check-In Thread

Hey all!  It's been a long time since I've been on these boards.  Wanted to check in for November.  I saw a slight increase in my EQ Smiley Happy and a small decrease in my EX Smiley Sad TU has remained the same but I'm just excited to have two of my scores over 700. 


I've had some unforeseen car expenses which took from my emergency fund.  Now that I'm building that back up and after my sister was in town for a few weeks, I have low balances on two credit cards.  Luckily they're both 0% interest right now and one will be paid off this month barring any further expenses. I'm freelance writing articles again so that's bringing in extra cash.  Still waiting for the new job to happen and will need to save for moving expenses.


I can't believe the end of the year is so close!  Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday so I'll enjoy November!

Re-entered the garden on 12/30/15 Seriously, I need to stop leaving!
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Re: November 2015 Check-In Thread

Kenny - Would it be a good idea to have your November 2015 Check-In Thread and gdale's listed under "Credit Cards" as one? United we stand ... divided we fall.
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Re: November 2015 Check-In Thread

Well, I missed the October check in... My goals completely shifted the end of October/beginning of November. I was unable to get the line of credit I was hoping for. The consolidation, and paying for son's college would have been awesome. I had it planned out to the penny, and it all would've worked great for me, my DTI would've gone down to 25%. LOL! ~ oh well!


Sooooo, being angry that my plans fell through, and I had to put another thousand dollars on my cards to finish this semester's bill off, I decided to apply for more cards. Sadly, most were not approved. But I did get a Barclay Rewards, and a Credit One. (after reading about the credit one, I may not activate it... will check more) I had finally had my utilization to almost 60%, and that was not a small feat! I just knew once that new charge rolled around, it would ruin what I had worked for. So then.... I was looking at my mail, and thought hey!! I have all these catalog offers and pre-approvals!! So, I opened two new accounts on those without the HPs and that helps make up for a couple of the HPs that were denied. Smiley Happy At least that was the idea. Of course I had to buy stuff, but I kept both under 100.00, so it'll be fine.


Now... my AAOA has dropped down to six years, but that isn't horrible. Then I saw on credit karma that 20+ accounts is a 'good' standing. (open and closed) I am at 19!! So, I really want to get just 'one more'. Haven't decided yet. But couldn't get the Sportsman's SCT to work for me.


Then I thought for sure that once the inquiries started to show up my scores would drop even more. Nope!!! I gained on both EQ and EX once the Barclay card reported!! YAY!!! Now they are both near 660. TU hasn't reported it yet, but is still the same. Utilization with the new charges added is down to 54%!! It's exciting to think that a foiled plan actually may work out to be a positive thing for my credit score! It's just really hard to keep from using the cards too much, and keep the payments high enough. My largest one, I've always paid twice the minimum, but now I've added the electric bill payment to that also. So, the card goes down the same amount it would have, but the payments are larger. I guess the credit card companies like the bigger payments even if you reuse it (after it closes for the month).


Still learning more from the forums.... wish I had found this place sooner! I'm sure I would've been in much better shape. Ready to face the next couple months, the new semester fees, and keeping my fingers crossed!! I promised my child if he made it this far, I would do my best to come through.... so far I have (he deserves a lot of credit for it though, lots of scholarships)... five semesters down, and three left to go!!! *sigh*

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Re: November 2015 Check-In Thread

Hi all. Checking in for the first time and I plan on staying until June when I am going to app for the Victoria's Secret Angel Card. Woo!

Recently got approved for my first store card: Kohls! I plan on gardening all of my cards until I've given them a little time to age- then I'll go ahead and attempt for another store-card addition. 

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Re: November 2015 Check-In Thread

I last posted about how my goals changed from when I started this challenge. I have not changed them from October, but I FINALLY hit the 700 club with TU, but I'm still in the 700s! I am extremely happy at where my husband and I are at and hopefully we just keep going up. Next month I hope to report my EQ and EX closer and closer to that 700s. Then I will change my goal to 800s!

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