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September Check In Thread

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Re: September Check In Thread

I just started last week and I am happy to report that I received a letter from a CA agreeing to PFD! Also I was able to lower my util from 62% to 52% so I am hoping once these changes report I will see a nice boost in my score! Credit Sesame has me at 620 but considering SW was so low I doubt thats accurate... We will see!! 

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Re: September Check In Thread

hi from what i see u need to keep payments current.  creditors see late payments as a way to charge more fees and longer for u to get bal down. you need to close the extra cap 1 accounts its only dragging ur score down. i see u have 0 bal but it still shows u could use them. from my experience 1 or 2 credit cards is best to manage.

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Re: September Check In Thread

hi and happy september. whoops, it's almost october already. i hope all of you are doing well.
my tu went up 1pt to 703 :-) . my exp is still at 611, but it seems there's both 1) not much reporting to them and 2) late payments listed after we were clearly months (and in a couple cases, years) into our ch13. i need to get those taken care of. my eq still hovers at 693. besides cleaning up the ex stuff, i might request a cli on my bofa secured visa. we'll keep trying to build up our savings for downpayments on replacements for both our cars early next yr once our ch13 is discharged.

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Starting 2/16/2013:
EQ673 TU667
Current 12/04/2017: EX732 EQ829 TU837
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Re: September Check In Thread

Almost forgot to check in for the month! Inq's from my GE crazed spree of last year have now aged with the remaining aging next month. I was added as AU on DHs CSP, Delta and Explorer last month but I'll remedy the loss of AAOA with an Amex app in Jan since my MSD is 1985.

TU has crept up to 742, highest to date but I fear it will tumble a bit when then new accts report. Next few months, I will continue to pay down debt from my last two vacays and plan for int free holiday shopping.
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Re: September Check In Thread

Well, it has been a long summer and last two years. Completed my RN program without accruing any new debt.  I had serious credit issues and no means to fix them.  So my credit score was EQ 525; lots of cleaning and EQ 622 as of today.  Still working on getting my debt to credit ratio down; which is previous student loans. Unfortunately, the credit utilization on the is 76%.  So my plans are to start paying anything on them WEEKLY; small steps add to big gains.  PS just got a quicksilver from capital one; ironically, I never had a credit card, because i always paid cash for what i wanted. 

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700+ across the board

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Re: September Check In Thread

Keep going; nothing happens overnight. Be patient and persistent!

Starting Score: 525
Current Score: FICO EQ 790, TU 696, EX 683
Goal Score:
700+ across the board

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Re: September Check In Thread

Hey everyone, I'm starting this challenge and hopefully by next year IM in the overall 650+ range. I've seriously learned everything I know now from this site... And I started with a very small amount of knowledge in this department. They should of had a class in highschool for this subject and I would of done a lot better back then to be at a better place now, but oh well. I will work hard on gardening and removing baddies to meet my goal and I like to thank everyone who has been more than helpful with informing me on this subject. 

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Re: September Check In Thread

I am late to the game for this year's challenge.


I started my efforts to get my credit life in order in June. Even though I have had professional help I am satisfied with what I consider remarkable success in reaching my goals. Only a few remaining neagtives and I do not foresee anything problems in their approaching disappearnce.


I just wanted to publicly state things are getting better, stop lurking so much, partcipate and perhaps contribute to the community.

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Re: September Check In Thread

I was estimating my score changes based on prior history on my score.  I figured that I will probably only get to 765 instead of my original target of 780 this year.  It depends on how accurate I am on my predictions.  Smiley Happy  That said, I should be able to hit 780 a year from now... just by keeping my nose clean and letting my accounts age.  That said, I apparently missed out on one credit card reporting a higher balance that it actually had.  It didn't see the payment I made the day before so my utilization appreared to be higher and thus my score didn't drop like I anticipated.  So now I have to wait for the card's next month reporting cycle for it to show that I have made a serious dent in the balance.


I estimate that I can be credit card debt free about the middle of December provided I don't spend too much on Christmas presents.  Or at the very least I will be under my target of 1-2% utilization.  I've been throwing everything I can at debt reduction.  Once that is done I will have some flexibility as this will free up my debt payments so I can add to my savings instead and build a rainy day fund and save for some home improvements next spring.

Starting Score: 732 October 2007; Current Score: EQ 825; TU 873, April 2018; Oldest Reporting EQ Account: 16.2 years; EQ AAoA: 8.1 years; Typical credit utilization 1.8% typical single card utilization 10.6%
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Re: September Check In Thread

Hi all, 

----You all have been a true motivation for me! Thanks...


I was hoping to find the October check-in thread, but I guess my update will be fine here as I just joined a few days ago. 

Background--I am trying to purchase, build, and move into my first home (USDA) before December 2014.

I am trying to clean up my credit and get my score to 700 so there are NO questions around approval.


September Progress

IRS Lien Paid/Released- 9/17 sent lien withdrawal to all 3 CRA- All but EQ have removed it

MD Tax Lien Paid/Released- 10/1 sent GW BEGGING for it to be removed 

Victoria's Secret- sent GW letter to remove 2 30- lates for 2011

Sent TU dispute for all report innaccuracies

Scores boosted 8/13-10/13 EQ: 603 to 639 TU: 555 to 583 EX: 592 to 617

Victoria's Secret- CLI from 100 to 300

Cap1 Platinum- CLI from 500 to 750

New Cap1 Journey Card- $1000 CL

Berks Credit & Collection- GW letter to delete account from 2012 (paid 8/13)

RA Rogers- GW letter to delete account from 2012 (paid 8/12)

Credit Control Corp- GW letter to delete account from 2010 (paid 6/12)


Next Steps

$2700 Fairfax County Judgement- pay before 11/30, then file motion to vacate

$6800 Calvary Recovery- Set up payment arrangement before 12/30

Keep credit card utilization under 10% and start using the ones I haven't touched in a while

Review Experian report (update inaccuracies)

Continue sending GW removal letters


Good luck all--I will be checking in again when the October check in thread is added! 







Starting Score: May 2013 EQ: 577 TU: 537 EX: 555
Current Score: EQ: 634 TU: 617 EX: 639
Goal Score: ALL 720+

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