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September Check In Thread

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Re: September Check In Thread

I joined here in early September with these goals:


2013 Goals

  • Raise score to 760 by the end of the year and keep it there
  • Begin increasing revolving credit to around $30K 
  • Decrease utilization from to under 10% 
  • Get a mortgage with no penalty for low credit score
  • Make two extra student loan payments  

Accomplished in September

  • EQ score currently at 783. No other official scores have been pulled 
  • Revolving credit up to $21K
  • Decreased utilization to 1%
  • Pre-approved for mortgage
  • Completely paid off one of seven student loans

October goals

  • Finalize mortgage at preferred rate
  • Schedule closing on first house
  • Keep revolving credit utilization at <10%
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Re: September Check In Thread

I guess I am getting frustrated.  I have had several successes but I have a recent collection as of May 2013. Why? Ohhh, well my son was injured on public school property and their insurance company decided just to not pay the bill.  SO, it is on my credit report as a newbie, and no one is willing to take it off; not the doctor or the Collection agency.  I am pretty peeved about it. I never received a denial letter for the claim.  When I finally found out about the bill, too late, on the credit report.  The best part, the claim was denied because they were hoping to find his dad and see if he had insurance.  WTH! I actually put on the original claim form his dad is not in his life. No where to be found.  The lovely lady at BMI benefits, thought I could "track him down and request insurance card or payment"! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!


Starting Score: 525
Current Score: FICO EQ 790, TU 696, EX 683
Goal Score:
700+ across the board

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