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Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge for 2012!

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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge for 2012!

Hi everyone and happy 2012! My goal is to get my score at 770 or above. I'm carrying excessive credit card debt and want to pay it down, and believe this is the primary factor which will boost my score, according to the Fico score simulators.


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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge for 2012!

Goal is to garden this year and hopefully cross into the 700 club by years end.  Then apply for the last card I really want, which is AMEX Blue.  I have a Gold Charge with them and by Oct. it will be a year old.  I hope that will help my chances.


Current: EQ Fico (700), EX Fico AMX (681) TU Fico Walmart (711) MyFico TU (708) Vantage: TU 803, EX 777, EQ 789
Goal: 700+ across the board.
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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge for 2012!

First timer here!! Look forward to reading up on much needed FICO advice and improving my score.. My  goal for now is 700.. Once I hit that Ill raise the bar a bit!!

Starting Score: 800
Current Score: 800
Goal Score: 850

Take the FICO Fitness Challenge
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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge for 2012!

I see you,re new to the forum also. Congratulations on your upcoming house closing!! I,m looking forward to doing the same in 6 months myself. You mentioned that you,re trying to get in 700 club and thats great! Do you have debt to payoff or are you new to the credit world?
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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge for 2012!

About Me: 28, unemployed (due to budget cuts), college student with student loan debt (currently have a Sallie Mae CO that is more than 180+ that I am working on bringing current)

 - No one in my family has good credit nor really any money. I've always maintained good employment with a nice salary until I got laid off. Then payments became late, yadda yadda. My credit was destroyed from the gate because by the time I was 18 family had opened accounts in my name that were unpaid, I had identity theft, etc.


Now (thanks to Suze Orman and you great folks at MyFico) I understand the importance of having your financial house in order - including credit.  Now that I am getting older, I want to buy a home (hopefully when I'm 30), be able to secure credit for my business, put myself through grad school.


 January 2012 Starting Scores - EQ (591), TU (580), EX (576-BOA Pull)


Goals for 2012

1.      Obtain Employment!

2.      Get 1 to 2 secured cards to rebuild - COMPLETE

·      Actually got approved for a small unsecured Orchard card on 1/13/12

·     Signed up for Open Sky secured card 1/20/12

3.      Keep util under 6%

4.      Make arrangements on my SM loan so that it's not still reporting 180+

5.      Raise credit scores to 650

6.      PFD 2 accounts -COMPLETE

  • RJM - Wachovia, Feb 2012
  • Univ Hlth-Medical, Feb 2012

7.      GW 2 accounts

  • Honda Finance (60-late and CO removed), Feb 2012


Starting Score: 576 EQ 1-12-13
Current Score: 588 EQ 2-3-13
Goal Score: 650

Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge
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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge for 2012!

Hi everyone! 

I've been reading the forums for a while now and finally got the nerve to just STOP reading and actually DO something about my credit. Im really excited about the FICO challenge and hope that I manage to raise my scores.


History:  Only have one CC ($4900 out of $5800 CL), paid off my car on december and 3 school loans that sum around $45K.


A) To pay off my CC as fast as possible while I......

B) Start saving money for retirement (havent saved a single penny. Ouch!)

C) Then pay off my school loans to eventually buy a home someday.


Hope that everyone gets to reach their goals this year! 


Starting Score: TU 718 / EX 712 / EQ 709 (Verified 01/16/12)
Current Score: TU 718 / EX 712 /EQ 709 (Verified 01/16/12)
Goal Score: To reach 750

Take the FICO Fitness Challenge
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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge for 2012!

My last late just fell off TU!!! Checked my score it is now 778!       Soooo excited to have that late gone.  Waited and worked so hard.  I think 800 by the end of 2012 can be accomplished!

Frequent Contributor

Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge for 2012!

Hello All! 


I took the FICO FITNESS CHALLENGE last year with a goal of 700 on my EQ, but didn't make it!

My goal last year and continuing into 2012 is to bring my CC balances way down. 

In June 2011 I was at 53% of my available balances.

January 2012, I'm at 40% of my available balances. 

December 2012, I plan to be between 10-25% of my available balances.

It would be very cool if I could hit below 10% but we will see.


I think I can, I think I can...NO, I KNOW I CAN!

FicoTU 780 | Credit Karma 781 | Credit Sesame 780
EQ 673 Dec2011 | Current: 695 Nov2013 | Goal: 720+
UTL: 54% Dec2011 | Current UTL: 21% | Goal UTL: 0% June2014
AmxZync | CapOne 1k | Comenity 1.1k | Target 3k |NFCU Visasig 5k | Goodyear 5.8k | CitiSimplicity 10.2k
Sam'sClub 10k | AmxSpg 20k | Citi HiltonReserve 20k | DCU 20k | Chase RR Visasig 25k | NFCU Visasig 33k
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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge for 2012!

My wife and I decided to get serious about our debt when we bought our first house.  We found out that she was pregnant with our first child the day that we closed.  A couple of weeks later, we bought her a car as hers was about to shoot craps.  Our goal was to pay as much down as we could in 2011.  Last year, maternity leave notwithstanding we paid off the remaining $4,500 on my car.  We paid her car off in one year too.  We also knocked a bit off our student loans and mortgage and paid off a little over $11,000 in credit card debt.  We also paid off the $3,200 we owed on furniture we bought when we moved in our house.  We haven't carried a balance on a credit card since 2010.


Our debt is now her student loans and mine and our mortgage.  Our goal for this year is to pay off another $50,000 in student loans.  Unfortunately, we haven't always been good about paying down debt or even paying our bills on time.  We each have scores in the low 700's and I'd like to see 750's by the end of the year.  Good luck to everyone else this year.  I look forward to seeing updates from everyone.

Starting Scores: TU-666 on 10/29/11. EQ-701 on 12/29/11
Current Scores: TU-753 on 7/27/13. EQ-761 on 11/1/13
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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge for 2012!

My plans for 2012 includes getting a secured savings loan from my CU to help raise my score and add to savings. I currently have 2 secured credit cards with credit lines of $1000 and a HBSC unsecured card with a $320 limit. I may need to replace my vehicle in 2013 so raising my score to get a low interest rate is important.

Starting Score EQ:590
Current Score EQ:656
Goal Score EQ:690

Take the FICO Fitness Challenge