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An envious vent...

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Re: An envious vent...

I totally get it. 


My hubby's scores are all 740-750 and he has 3 credit cards that are reporting with about 80% utilization (and another 5 or 6 with no balance), 2 or 3 cars that are paid off etc etc.  He has never had a negative thing on his reports in his life - unlike me.  He is happy about my rebuilding and progress.  He doesn't ever give his credit a second thought.  Unlike me who obsess over mine and checks it daily.

June '12: EQ 553 TU 0 EX 545
April '13 Lender Pull EQ 731, EX 692, TU 722 - all FICO

Closed on home May 22, 2013 at 2:00pm!!!
CU Visa $1000, VS $350, Chase Freedom $1000, Discover IT $2500, Home Depot: $2700, Menards $3000, NFM $3500
What's been deleted: 32 collections, 5 PR, 2 tax liens, defaulted student loans
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