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BOA--Reporting to Big (3) Monthly?

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BOA--Reporting to Big (3) Monthly?

I spoke w/customer service mgr. on this morning and she told me that BOA don't update to big 3 every month. She say it just will automatic show as pays as agrees. Example: I received my card in July and they report it for one time. She's saying that once they report that time...they don' t report again until you go over the limit or late. I truly don't believe she knows what she's talking about...because I had a B-T done before I got the card and they reported that bal when they reported. If this is true...then UTL would probably be great w/them. I am going to call in a little while and verify this... because I have learned that you about got to speak w/ someone on supervisor level. Anyone ever heard of this??? I am 4-sure someone would have mentioned that by now if it was true.

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Re: BOA--Reporting to Big (3) Monthly?

Update: I spoke w/another account mgr and she verified the same thing. CL is 2k and all will ever be reported is the $307 BT I had done when they reported for the first time. So...unless I go over-limit or default..this is all will ever be reported. Interesting...because I didn't know this. My UTL will be great w/them then if this is true. I tell you what though...if they don't know what they r talking about...I am going to be very upset.
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