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Credit Card Reviews -- What do they look for?

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Credit Card Reviews -- What do they look for?




Howdy, credit card review -- what do they look for?  I have a Capital One Card and they say they "review" our accounts but won't say "when" or "how" only that they do.  What are they looking for to extend credit -- just give you a credit card all the way to increasing your line of credit.  


Basically my objective is they analyze me -- then i can analyze them -- two can play this game.  What hidden formulas do they use and if so what are they?  


























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Re: Credit Card Reviews -- What do they look for?

IME, Account Reviews which are soft inquiries on your CRs will come at the time and choosing of the creditor. Mine have been regular, sometimes once per month and sometimes quarterly. YMMV on the creditor. They will see what is on your report(s) at the time they request it. So, to beat them at their game, and for best results, make sure all but one CC reports $0 and get the remaining CC to report a balance of under 9% of the CL. And make sure there aren't any baddies reporting. You can pull your full reports from the CRAs and find your soft inquiries and you can see when they typically pull.

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