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Define what “affects your score less over time” means!

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Define what “affects your score less over time” means!

About a year and a half ago I missed 5 payments on my Bank of America card and they settled for about 40% of the balance, which I paid. They called me to offer this. I wanted to do the same with my Capital One card, which I was 6 payments behind on at the time. I stayed behind by 6 payments for several months due to financial problems.. However, they never settled and continued to threaten a charge-off. I eventually worked very hard and brought the account current. When I did, my Experian score jumped 61 points, to 643.


All the websites say that the bad past due history will affect your score less over time. However, it has been 8 months now of never missing a payment, and my score hasn’t gone up a single point. What exactly does this comment mean, less over time, and what do you think I can expect? I thought that my score would have gone up a little now, based on a 61 point increase all at once when I became current. Perhaps I am already getting the maximum number of points allocated for current vs. past due status? Can you please help me to understand this? I desperately want to get my score into the 700’s!! Thank you!

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Re: Define what “affects your score less over time” means!

You may get a few more points when all of the late payments are more than one year old.


I think that the best improvement in the near future for you would be to reduce both your overall and individual utilization.

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Re: Define what “affects your score less over time” means!

Also, since you are looking at an EX score, you are probably looking at a FAKO score and following FAKO advice.


30 and 60 day lates will have much less effect after a year. 90 day late or worse will decline in effect much slower and probably hurt until they drop off at 7-7.5 years.

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