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Disputing personal info on CR

I heard somewhere that disputing incorrect version of your name could improve scores - is this true?  Also, my last name is spelled incorrectly on EQ (one letter is incorrect), and there are versions of my name (JR.,  III, etc.) on my EX report under the former names section.  Should I dispute or just contact the bureau to request that they correct? 
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Re: Disputing personal info on CR

Call for this kind of thing. EQ and TU should have no problems deleting incorrect names and addresses. EX will probably give you a problem if a creditor is reporting this info or if you have a TL connected to this info.
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Re: Disputing personal info on CR

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Re: Disputing personal info on CR

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I got a lot of that done on the phone.  Seemed pretty easy

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Re: Disputing personal info on CR

I did the same, and also EX would not remove incorrect data since an existing closed account still reports it. Removing incorrect names will not help your score. Some people delete info to assist in removing negative accounts later. I remove old address for privacy and more security. I don't know if my reasons are good or bad. But it did not effect my scores.
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