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Drop in credit score

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Drop in credit score

I had a chase saffire credit card for about 4 years and i barley use it. Last month my reported balance increased from 14usd to 25usd. I constantly pay the card on time for the full balance and i have never been late. My credit score dropped 25 point because of the reported 25 usd (the limit is 5000). Does anyone know how something like this could happen?
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Re: Drop in credit score

A few reasons are possible here.

1. There's no guarantee that the reported amount is the only thing that changed on your credit report. You should check for other changes (inquiries, new accounts, lates, etc
Since 25/5000 is still less than 1%, this shouldn't have triggered a 25 point drop

2. Depending on where you are getting your credit score, the score may have changed for other silly reasons- Closed accounts, old tradelines falling off, etc.

There's no way to tell for sure, but basically as long as you are confident that no bad marks appeared on your credit report, there's nothing you can do. Your score will bounce back next month or in the near future so long as there are no bad marks.

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Re: Drop in credit score

Something else on your report changed.  Your FICO score isn't going to have that big of a swing with a balance chance that doesn't cross any of the big threshholds.

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Re: Drop in credit score

OP, how were you alerted?

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