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EX report & score?

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EX report & score?

All my negative tradelines from a 2006 CH 7 BK are about gone now, the last 2 fall off next month. So now I'm trying to get back into improving my scores & I know that EX stopped using the FICO credit scoring formula back in 2009, approx. Can someone tell me where I can get an EX credit report & score that recognized (used) by creditors these days?

FICO scores on November 17, 2014 (prior to applying for and being approved my mortgage)


FICO scores on March 4, 2015 after being approved for mortgage and buying the home, the mortgage isn't yet reporting.
EX- 689 EQ- 739 TU- 739
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Re: EX report & score?

I have the same question.
I have a membership with and today i pulled my score with them: 692.
Then i went to, pulled my free CR, then paid 6.95 for a score and thats 664........
3/30/12: EX: 680 TU:667 EQ: 655
4/14/12: EX: 680 TU:678 EQ: 670

BOFA: 0/1k / CAP1: 0/1.75k / CITI: 700/2k / AMEX Gold:NPSL
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Re: EX report & score?

The best Ex report version is from or directly from Experian. While the format is different, the report info is the exact same from these two places as is what would be from a mortgage or any other lender. Per FICO, the only advertised place you can get your EX FICO is from PSECU if you happen to have a checking with them. Otherwise you'll have to rely on a lender. There are also some CUs out there that will provide your EX FICO if you ask them, provided they pull EX.

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Re: EX report & score?

I think the score you paid $6.95 showing a score of 664 is what they call the VANTAGE SCORE. I think FICO is different. So, if you join them, do they give you the true FICO score?

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