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Equifax Jump

My Equifax score jumped 13 points in 3 weeks.  Not complaining, but I am curious what factors cause this.  I have score watch, but it really doesn't tell you what factors contributed to the increase, does it???
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Re: Equifax Jump

sacrificed any virgins to the fico gods lately?
could be any number of things, and only you would have a hinkering to what they could be. ex, inqs falling off, age of accounts, balances being paid down, etc., etc.
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Re: Equifax Jump

Hmm. You need to break it down. 13 points can be revolving debt going lower. 13 points can be 10+3 inq falling off and points for new account that you needed. Can be 5+5+1+2 New account is older, inq is older, history aged more, debt is lower.

There are too many ways to come up with 13 points. Would need to see your report before and after. :smileyhappy: Just keep doing what you are doing. :smileyhappy:
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Re: Equifax Jump

Wow...another 11 point increase today, so a total 24 point increase in one month!!!  I am so excited.  It seemed like for months my score just stayed flat, but now it is moving up quickly!  I don't think anything has dropped of my CR, I have worked diligently to pay down my balances, so my guess is that this is what is contributing to the increase. 
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Re: Equifax Jump

You know, if it's killing you, you can pull your EQ FICO score report (at a discount, since you have SW) and see what's changed... :smileywink:

Seriously, though, this is why a lot of us signed up for TrueCredit and other 3-in-1 credit monitoring services when we began cleaning up our credit and improving our profiles. It's very cool to be able to look at the changes on the reports, and then get a score alert showing that our EQ FICO has responded. (Just remember that the scores on all these 3-in-1 things are FAKO's, misleading, worthless, deceptive, confusing, downright evil... what have I missed? :smileyvery-happy: )

Congrats on the improvements!
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Re: Equifax Jump

~01/2008 Ficos TU 571-EX 647-EQ 652~
~3/21/2009 Ficos TU 705 EX 702 EQ 692~
~9/9/09 Ficos TU 718 EQ 693 EX???
~06/25/12 Ficos TU 719 EQ 677 EX??
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Re: Equifax Jump

My Equifax jumped 10 points yesterday and the reason they gave me was:

Negative Factors

The following 1 negative factor(s) are not hurting your score as much as before:

  • The length of time your accounts have been established is relatively short


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Re: Equifax Jump

Congrats jeffy.
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Re: Equifax Jump

All, thanks for the kind words.  I can remember think over a year ago that my credit would never be "good".  I am fortunate that I never had and charge-offs, BK's, or collections.  What I did have going against me was high cc balances, and a lot of late pays.  Well after no lates for over 14 months, and significant cc balance reductions, I am in the mid 600's for the first time in probably five years. 
I learned a lot along the way, one being that even if you make a partial payment to a creditor, they report that as late.  Never occured to me that it would be reported that way.  This board has been a great help, and it is so encouraging to see people on here willing to offer help and advice to others who need it.
Thanks again everyone!

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