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GW Letter Update

Hi Everyone,
I just wanted to thank everyone here for the great advice they list.  I have been browsing this forum for about a month and a half now gathering information.  I just wanted to say that I have had luck with the GW letters.  I have had Lowes/GEMB remove a 30 day late which was late about a year and a half ago. Capital one removed 3 baddies, which included a 2 30 days lates and one 60 day late these lates were about 4 years ago.
I did have a question for your FICO veterans tho.  I have also sent a letter for HSBC/Orchard regarding an account that has some lates, also about 4 years ago, and they have yet to respond.  Should I send another one?  Is there any other letter I can send as a follow up?
Also, I had one company flat out deny to remove the negative information.  That company is First Premier.  I think I will send them another letter and hope to get a different rep.  This was a charge off account, again it was over 4 years ago (had a few probems back in those day ;-).  Does anyone think that if I offer to pay the balance remaining (it was settled in 2003) for a deletion letter that they might be pursuaded to delete the bad info?
Thanks everyone!
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Re: GW Letter Update

Congrats on your progress. Try PFB for HSBC.
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Re: GW Letter Update

I have had Cap 1 and HSBC deny my request to remove 1 late payment on year from a year ago.  I have sent several letter and disputed it and instead of letting it go they report it and even go as far and sending me letter with the "Unfortunatly, we can not....
My only hope seem to be to dispute around the holidays and hopefully they will fail to get back to the CRA's.  I closed Cap 1 a year ago and still have Orchard but don't use it and will cancel it once I am sure it won't affect my score.
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Re: GW Letter Update

What address did you send your CapOne GW to?  Was it ATTN to anyone in particular? 

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Re: GW Letter Update

Hi everybody. I'm finally mustering the courage to send out some GW's. Have been composing it in my mind(along with the sample gw's here on the forum, in other threads). My question is: who do you send the GW too? The address given on your cc statement? surely not. Perhaps, on the back of each statement they give an address, to send correspondence to? I'd like to get it to the right person. Because I have SEVERAL GW's I need to send. :smileyhappy:) Thanks my FiCO!
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