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How to clean up your report...

How's everyone doing?  and it's very hot over here!  anyways...
I have some stuff on my report, that has bounced between owners.  Such as, a Student Loan that was passed to a collection agency that was passed to a collection agency *deployments kill your ability to get contacted!*
Anyways, I was curious if anyone had any experience with something like this.  I am making payments now, and curious who I would beg and plead with to maybe fix some of the charge offs that are on my record.  I firmly believe my score would jump if I could get these fixed.
I am also going to talk to the bank that repo'd a car I had during my first deployment.  Nothing like getting THAT letter in the mail while on the other side of the world!  They ended up auctioning it off, and sent me a check for the difference between amount left and what they ended selling it for.  How's that for irony!  I'll let everyone know how that went and the strategies I used.
Other than my student loans, I'm 1 payment away from being completely out of debt.  Everything I had in collections will be paid for.  Still working a few of the company's to help me out with the whole credit reporting.  My advice for this is, stick with it.  Even if you are kind of a timid person, keep on them.  Most of the collection companies I've worked with are pretty friendly.  You are giving them money, after all.
In case that previous paragraph confused anyone, basically I'm talking about talking to collection agency's or institutions you owe money to, about deleting all accrued negative information off of your credit report.  It can be done!
I think I'm starting to type on here enough I should write a book!  Have a good day everyone, and don't let money matters get you down.  Just a little bit of work adds up very quickly.
-SGT Stu
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Re: How to clean up your report...

Great post!!! As it takes time and patience, but can be done. BTW Thanks for serving our country. Our government should have special deferrement programs for individuals like yourself that make a sacrifice for our country. Hats off to you.
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Re: How to clean up your report...

Thanks for serving this country.  Too bad you have to go through all of this while fighting a war.
Can anyone else in your family help you?  You have enough to worry about.
By contacting each creditor you can, you may also want to send copies of your deployment to them, to 'prove' you are over there, and maybe a letter from your Officer in command that you have been there for so many years, etc., and what has happened, or from anyone that can help you. 
Banks are usually very helpful and if one person does not help you, then keep pushing.  Contact the 'main' bank location..main bank office, not your local branch that you did business with.  You should be able to find them online.  If your bank was in a small town, their home office is somewhere else, and demand that they clear this up.  Also, I'm sure your college loan was w/FASA??  Now creditors have it, I'd contact FASA and see if they can help's the government!
You are still young and you can clear up your credit quickly if you reach the right people.  Also, don't let it get to you.  EVERYONE has gone through it.  There are other things that are more important!
Take care of yourself. 

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