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Inquiry on my credit report

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Inquiry on my credit report

I just looked at my transunion report under account review inquiries and there is one from Midland Credit management. Under permissable purpose it says "Collection". But it is not on my Adverse or derogatory column. This is dated on Sept of this year. What is this?

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Re: Inquiry on my credit report

Its a collection agency with a past due bill or account of yours.


They are searching for you (probably pulled your report to get your address or any other relevant info to perform a skip trace)


They want to contact you and send you a dunning letter.


If my instincts are right, they havent reported yet because they want to use that as leverage when they contact you "call us back or else"

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Re: Inquiry on my credit report

What if the SOL ran out?

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Re: Inquiry on my credit report

SOL means they can't sue you without you having a defense.

SOL doesn't mean they can't try to collect.
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