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Is It Transunion or not?

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Is It Transunion or not?

What is the difference between the score I get direct from Transunion and the score myFICO gets from Transunion if I pay myFICO for this service? I am new here and have read in a couple different places that if I get a score from Transunion that it is not the real score. Again, how can it be any different and where is the proof?

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Re: Is It Transunion or not?

The score offered by TransUnion is a FAKO called a VantageScore. The score offered on myFICO is a FICO score. VantageScore has a score range of 501-990 vs. FICO's 300-850. VantageScore factors in stuff that FICO does not and vice-versa. Per lenders, a vast majority of lenders use FICO. A teeny tiny minority do sometimes use VantageScore. Per versions used, I am unsure about Vantage. I suspect that the VantageScore lenders use differs from the VantageScore available via,, and a couple of other places because there's a newer VantageScore version out there. For FICO, the Tu98 FICO version on here is used by a minority of lenders and most lenders use a newer version of TU FICO.



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