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Jump of 125 Points in 3 weeks

I got my Macys 30 day late removed from my file and my score jumped from 641 to 743. I could not have asked anything more as i am applying for my mortagage loan next week :smileyhappy:


Thanks to this forum i got my score bumped up from 618 to 743 in less then 3 weeks.....


I had balance on 6 cards $5700 two of my cards had 75% utilization. I reduced those two cards to 0 Balance, 1 has reflected in the report another one will come in on 19th. Bought down the balances in cards from 6 to 3 as of date and this will become 1 in less then a week. I had read that having balances on more cards will also impact on the score to drop


So in short


1. 30 day late removal

2. Credit bought down from 5800 to 3200 as of date and 250$ in less then a week

3. cards having balances reduced from 6 to 3 as of date and will be 1 in less then a week.

4. two cards with 75% utilization has been paid in full, 1 has reflected and another one to reflect in a week.


These have improved my score by 125 points

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Re: Jump of 125 Points in 3 weeks

wow thanks for posting... i'm a newbie so it's always helpful to know what other people have done and great to hear that you can get results so quickly.



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Re: Jump of 125 Points in 3 weeks

+1000 and good luck on your new mortage!

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Re: Jump of 125 Points in 3 weeks

WOW that is great news congrats and let us know what happens??

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Re: Jump of 125 Points in 3 weeks

Well done!

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Re: Jump of 125 Points in 3 weeks

I thought I did well!  CONGRATS!

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Re: Jump of 125 Points in 3 weeks

Insane! grats~

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Re: Jump of 125 Points in 3 weeks

 Good info... I'm trying to get my scores up from 654 TU and EQ 658 to 700 for better mortgage rates.  I have used more over 50% of my limit on my cards for the last 6 months, but, plan to pay them off in the next several weeks.  How did you get you credit score to increase so quickly?  did you have the credit bureau rescore?  BTW, did you have any past late payments or paid collections?  Thanks.  Has anyone had the CRB's rescore?

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