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Need some insight...

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Need some insight...

Here’s what I have….

Myfico a/o 06/08/07 -

TU – 593 (1 med coll, orig $537 PIF by Ins back in 2005)

EQ – 541 (3 med coll, orig $50 mailed PFD on 6/11), $50 mailed PFD on 6/11 and $10 PIF back in 2005)

EX – 561 (5 med coll, see items above, also orig $30 PIF in 2005 but still showing Seriously Past Due… mailed GW letter 6/11)

I have 8 accounts (out of approx 30 total that are open or closed) that have ONE 30 day late dating back to 2003 or later.  Only one of those accounts has a balance and its my mortgage and that late was just in November 2006.  I sent them a GW letter because the late was due to a transfer of my mortgage and not my actual fault.    

On 06/11, I mailed GW letters to all 8 of those accounts with the 30 day late pmts because they are older and am hoping my good pmt history after the fact, and even before, would justify them removing the lates.  I mailed the 2 PFD letters and 3 GW letters in hopes of getting ALL medical collections removed.

Also - I have HIGH Util.  11 Open Accounts (7 CC with util >90% - one at 64%; 1 Mort, 1 Car Loan, 1 overdraft LOC for checking that's maxed out and 1 account with a $2000 limit and no balance) 

Total Debt (all CC, Mort, Car) = $200,682.  Don't know DTI because I don't know off the top of my head what my monthly payments are. 

I have quite a few inquiries lately…not quite sure why.  I think 15, 10 and 15.  Is that in the past year? 

What is the likelihood that I’ll get anywhere?  And when can I expect to hear anything from these creditors? 

I’m really trying to clear up my credit so we can buy a new house.  Besides paying down UTIL, what else can I do?  I don't really have a whole lot of extra money to pay those down yet.  Should I call CC's and see if they can increase limit to lower UTIL?  


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Re: Need some insight...

Anyone?  Please!!!
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Re: Need some insight...

IMHO- You have a good start on cleaning up your baddies. Keep your persistence up.

You need to get a solid debt reduction plan together-
Sounds like you are close to being over your head- do you have a budget? Can you allocate more of it to debt reduction?

The collection that was paid by insurance - I would dispute "paid by ins co"
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