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Past Credit History Ignored?

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Past Credit History Ignored?

I'm over 70 and have a credit history going back 50+ years, yet your data for me goes back only about 20 years.  In those 30+ unaccounted years, I had many other credit cards and home loans all paid off monthly, with no overdues, and a perfect credit history.   Yes, I have a very good credit score, but it makes me wonder just how valid your scoring system is if it overlooks the majority of my credit history during which I could have been a total deadbeat???  
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Once accounts are closed or paid, they will naturally fal...

Once accounts are closed or paid, they will naturally fall off the reporting history after 7-10 years.  That being said.  With your history, you have nothing to worry aobut.  Most banks are aware of this process and no one would have a second thought about you being a 'deadbeat'.
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