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Score Simulator Accuracy

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Score Simulator Accuracy

Hi! How accurate do you think the score simulator is?


My most negative is my credit to debt ratio. I paid off all my credit debt last night and it has yet to show on my report. Anyway, MyFico EQ score is 663 as of today with debt still in tact on my report and the score simulator says that if I pay it off I can go up to 703-743 (!!!). Anyone know how accurate that can be? I know results may vary but that would make me so incredibly happy Smiley Happy


USAA credit monitoring said my EQ was 620 but I just heard that they use FAKO's..? Should I accept the FICO score at 663 or USAA at 620?



Starting Score: FICO EQ 663 (02/04/13)
Current Score: FICO EQ 687
Goal Score: FICO EQ 700 (March 2013)
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Re: Score Simulator Accuracy

FICO score is the one that matters.

If you paid off all your debt (depending on what your UTiL was) you should see an increase in scores.
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