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Score Watch by Equifax?

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Score Watch by Equifax?

Does anyone know why myFICO Score Watch utilizes only the Equifax database as opposed

to the TransUnion? I realize that may be a stupid question. Just wondering whether Score Watch

is affiliated with myFICO, or Equifax.




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Re: Score Watch by Equifax?

Not a stupid question at all!

ScoreWatch was developed jointly by Equifax and FICO. You can buy it on their site as well as here. Best as I can tell, there's no difference between the two. Often, when SW goes wacko again, it's because the EQ servers crashed or something. This is one reason why it gets tough to de-bug problems --they have to figure out on which side the problem originates.

It would be nice if TU offered something similar, but as always, it takes two to tango.
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Re: Score Watch by Equifax?

Much obliged haulingthescoreup! Interesting.
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