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TU98 vs. 04 vs. 08

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TU98 vs. 04 vs. 08

Hi all. Do most mortgage lenders still use TU04 or are they starting to use the 08 version? Currently my TU98 score is 732. Does the 04 tend to trend higher or lower than the 98 version? Thanks!

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Re: TU98 vs. 04 vs. 08

Majority of the time the 04 version is a little higher.

But there are a few occasions it comes in a little lower.

So it is a YMMV type of thing.

In our office when pulling credit for mortgage its about 75% of the time higher using 04 version.
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Re: TU98 vs. 04 vs. 08

I'm sorry I'm not familiar with these terms and I'd like to learn.  Where can I learn more?

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Re: TU98 vs. 04 vs. 08

Print these out and post them right in front of you. lol.

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