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TrueCredit FAKO Interesting

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Managed to navigate Walmart's site & purchase trueCredit. The reports are OK, not as detailed as source reports, but fine for monitoring.
Discovered a JDB just bought an old out of SOL debt, will have to deal with that.
Checked my FAKOs for kicks and almost keeled over. They are 70-100 pts lower than the FICOs I bought a week or 2 ago. So, had to buy one FICO to calm my nerves.
EQ FAKO- 602
EQ FICO-  679
My EQ FICO has been exactly 679 the past 3 times I've bought it. How is this possible? is it stuck there?
Edit- eq 679 last TWO times I bought it (within 2 week period)

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Re: TrueCredit FAKO Interesting

Is it possible that one or more accounts is not being reported to Equifax? I know that is causing the problem for me. One of my banks is not a subscriber to the Equifax credit bureau.
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Re: TrueCredit FAKO Interesting

CreditBob -
i'm ok with the 679 FICO, a year ago it WAS around 600.
What surprises me is the discrepancy between FICO & FAKO. I knew there was a difference but I thought the FAKOs were usually higher. mine are much lower.
I had to buy the FICO today after seeing the FAKOs, geez, this is getting expensive.
memo to self- no more FICOs till SEP
Has anyone deciphered a correlation between FAKOs & FICOs?

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Re: TrueCredit FAKO Interesting

No correlation. Discrepancies of more than 100 points have been reported. From what I've seen, most of those in rebuilding mode with low scores see FAKOs higher than FICOs. As scores go up, the FICOs surpass the FAKOs. But that's not universal.
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Re: TrueCredit FAKO Interesting

I am in the same position, and it is consistent with both me and my wife.  My TC EQ FAKO scores are 50+ lower than FICO, and my wife's is nearly 100 points below. 
It may just be me, but I see my few baddies on the TC EQ report, but not the current or "ok" payments.  But, my EQ report here at MyFICO shows the good payment history.  I don't know if this is the reason, but I find it a little strange.  And, my score hasn't changed yet either.

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