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VantageScore to FICO conversion

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VantageScore to FICO conversion

Hey, I'm brand new here and have already learned a lot from reading through the posts. Thanks to all for an active community, and my apologies if this has been discussed already - I searched but could not find another post concerning my question.

I recently received my free annual report from Experian and purchased my score as well. It was my first introduction into the VantageScore model. Like I needed more confusion when it comes to understanding my credit ranking.

Anyway, for my own curiosity and an attempt to compare apples to apples (even if they are green apples to red apples) I wanted to know of the most accurate way to convert a VantageScore number to a typical FICO score. I realize that Vantage uses a different formula to build its score, so it won't technically be the same, but I'm just looking for a general ballpark comparison.

The best I could come up with (and I'm not very good at math) is to subtract your VantageScore number from the total possible of 990 (example - for a score of 800 on vantage, would be 990-800 = 190) and then take that number and multiply it by .89 (example 190 x .89 = 169) and then subtract that number from 850 (the max available on FICO) (example 850-169 = 681) The reason for the .89 is because the range of a VantageScore is 501-990 (489 "scoring units" ) and FICO is 300-850 (550 "scoring units" ) and the .89 conversion would convert the larger Vantage score units into FICO units.

Does anyone know if this is the most accurate (or even remotely accurate), and/or has anyone received both a VantageScore and a FICO from the same agency who could see how close this method comes to being accurate?
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Re: VantageScore to FICO conversion

They work differently. Your FICO could go up or down and Vantage not move or the other way around.
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Re: VantageScore to FICO conversion

Try these formulas. I arrived at these by using a little algebra. They aren't official but, they should be close if all credit factors are equal.


Experian to Fico conversion   850 - ((990 - Experian Score/489) * 550) = estimated Fico Score


Fico to Experian conversion  990 - ((850 - Fico Score/550) * 489) = estimated Experian Score



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Re: VantageScore to FICO conversion

Completely different Algorithm based upon the same data. The best correlation will be to say that they are more likely to move in the same direction than different directions, at least for large movements.


For my education, I have now tracked 83 Vantage score changes during a period of two FICO changes.


Trying to come up with a formula is a waste of time.



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Re: VantageScore to FICO conversion

There is no relationship.  They take the same data (hopefully) but weight it differently.  There is theefore no constant formulka to go from one to the other. It is not like going from Fahrenheit to Centigrade.

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Re: VantageScore to FICO conversion

VantageScore and FICO scores are both legitimate scores that are reasonably good at predicting risk given a large population of samples. That does NOT mean that they will predict risk the same or even at all close to the same for any given individual.The best way to convert one score to another is not to use a formula but to convert the score to its rank ordered percentile then use the same percentile to map to the other score. That's as good as it gets which unfortunately isn't very good. There simply is a very large variance between individuals rank order amongst the various "scores" out there.


For instance I had a FICO rank score of 41% at the same time I had a VantageScore rank of 91% derived from exactly the same CRA file. These are both legitimate lender used scores, albeit VantageScore isn't used my very many. Now imagine what the differences could be with FAKOs such as Score Plus that are only sold to consumers.





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