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 Have worked hard since 03 to clean up credit issues brought about by illness and loss of job.
Providian(opened 6-98) paid after charge off (long story-had pyt plan worked out with them & after 2 pyts went to collections..never could get straight so paid to collections) Shows on report paid 11-05, 0 balance.
Applied Bank (opened 12-98)closed at consumer request, paid off 5-06.
Paid both of above monthly, never missing a pyt but not realizing doesnt really help..just shows paid.
Capital 1 (opened 11-99) would not work with me. Had $200 CL, owed $450 after late fees etc & they said had to pay down to CL & closing card wouldnt help. Concentrated my efforts on all other debts so this one remains and shows charged off 5-05. Made my last payt to them 8-04.  NCO now sends me collection letters/settlement offers. Balance is now $1800+!!.  Dont know how to handle but reading on forum seems I should try to settle as this is better than ongoing charge off hurting my utilization.
Maybe need to ask this elsewhere, but do I contact Capital1--and at what phone #?!--or do I work with NCO and they notify Cap! when it's paid?! Seen bad things about NCO in the forum. I don't want to get sued and I have moral obligation to pay, but dont want to pay usury interest, especially in light of fact I tried to work out something with them.
Also had $300 tax lien from 1998  satisfied 04-04. Wasnt aware even had this outstanding until called State to discuss another issue & was advised about it and paid immediately.
I have 10 satisfactory accounts including 2 major charge cards (one since '99 & one opened '05) never late, four car loans, all paid off and never late, and 4 store cards, opened '06, never late. Don't owe anything on store cards and rarely use them..was trying to help utilization. Know I need to pay down majors and am working on that as they are at 70-80%.(CL=$1390 & $1150)
Got mortgage 10-07, 6.75%  which is not showing on reports yet (have written Wells Fargo).
Scorepower report shows my "paying on time" as 'not good', so I'm assuming the Cap1 and lien are really hurting me.  Shows mix not good, but hoping improves when mortgage shows up. Shows length of time as good, and my utilization as not good.
Equifax is 629 and TU is 677-havent pulled Exp yet.
I'd appreciate any advices on how to handle Cap1 and any other advices about when some of these wont hurt my score so much.
FICOS: TU 732(7-18-14) EQ '08 734( 7-23-14) EX 727 (7-23-14)

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