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I've seen (and forgotten!)  the answer in other threads,  but I've been searching and searching to no avail, so please forgive the redundancy!


I have 4 accounts turning 1 year old between April 15th and 18th.


Haven't got any Scorewatch alert from EQ with what I hope will be a bit of an increase, and the TU report I pulled yesterday still shows the same number of "new" accounts.


When do EX   EQ  and TU consider the account "1 year" old??  

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TU gave me credit, so to speak, at the beginning of the anniversary month.

EQ waited until the actual date of opening --in fact, a bit later, I suppose due to their general pokiness.
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Thanks, Hauling!


Doesnt appear that TU's given me any credit yet since still showing same # of new accts.  


And since I havent got any Scorewatch notice, didnt figure EQ had acknowledged the anniversary yet.


I ran FICO EX right before it was no longer available, and compared it to my CreditSecure FAKO, so guess watching CS will be the closest I can come to knowing what's going on there.


Wish I could've got all 3 over 700 while EX was still available. I've had TU up to 726, and EQ to 700 and EX to 715, but never all at the same time! :smileysad:


I'll just be patient and hope that by May I might see a little least until my re-fi mortgage reports! Closed 3-19 with first pyt due 5-1 ( it's already been transferred to CitiMortgage ) so it may be June or July before it shows up.  Car loan was new in November so hopefully now that we've made a few pyts it'll start hurting less. 


Your scores look really NICE !!  I've followed your 'trek'  during my time on this forum, so I'm encouraged seeing yours that maybe I'll get mine there soon!! :smileyhappy:



FICOS: TU 732(7-18-14) EQ '08 734( 7-23-14) EX 727 (7-23-14)

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