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What kind of score change would I see once my mortgage reports?

Are my scores likely to increase or decrease with a new mortgage?


My TU has 1 paid collection (property tax oversight) from 2012.


My EX has 2 paid medical judgments from 2010 and 1 paid collection from 2012.


My EQ has 2 paid medical judgments from 2010 and 3 paid collections that are all 6+ years, but recently paid. All 3 were updated prior to payoff.


All CR have 20+ inquiries due to major app spree in November 2012, car purchase in December 2012, and mortgage apps in July 2013.

Starting Scores: (4/16/12 lender pull) TU 596 | EX 550 | EQ 576
Mortgage Scores:(7/24/13 lender pull) TU 663 | EX 635 | EQ 649
Current Score (7/13/14): TU 675 | EX 605 | EQ 631
Goals: 680 across the board by 3/2015. Credit freeze x 3 on 10/16/13. Inqs - EX(31➡️29); EQ(36➡️34); TU(27➡️24)... Last app 7/13/14 for auto loan...Scores are WAY down for high utilization and inquiries. gardening now!
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Re: What kind of score change would I see once my mortgage reports?

YMMV. I've lost points when my first and only mortgage reported on perfectly clean CRs, but it seems most are more likely to see a gain.

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