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Will dispute affect score?

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Will dispute affect score?

It's a long story, but I have a recurring nightmare that keeps popping up on Equifax.


I have NO actual baddies on any of my cr's, but the state of Arizona and Equifax just cannot comminicate information accurately.


After having been removed several times, my child-support is now showing up on EQ again.


I really wouldn't mind, as it is a valid account, but they simply CANNOT report it accurately.


In reality, it is a current account and always has been.  (Both EX and TU manage to report it correctly) 


EQ apparently believes that because it is listed as a "child-support" account, it simply MUST be a negative account.  Sometimes, they report it as a collection account.  Sometimes they report missing payments.


I have disputed it many times, and they always remove it...but then it comes back with various details changed.


Currently, and rather humorously, they are reporting that I was current in July of 2012, 120 days late in August of 2012, and back to current in September of 2012.


That's not even possible.


( into a rant)


I just disputed it again a few minutes ago.  As the only potential negative account on my EQ report, will this dispute help my score any while they're investigating?

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Re: Will dispute affect score?

Any tradeline in dispute can do squirrly things to one's score.


I don't know the full details of it so I can't even attempt to explain what the exact impact is, I'm sure there'll be a better qualified response later.


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Re: Will dispute affect score?

i'm interested in seeing some responses to this as well.  I have a couple old collections with dispute remarks on them that i'll end up removing before i go through mortgage loan.

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