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Your PLUS Score is: 711 on a scale of 330 - 830.

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Your PLUS Score is: 711 on a scale of 330 - 830.

Well, after app'ing and inq'ing at end of last month, I thought my scores would be chicken fried.

I guess the low reporting utils plus reporting of 2 cc's with the new cli's helped a whole lot.

But 2 of my 3 new cards aren't even reporting yet.

Guess I'll wait another week or 2 to pull all 3 Cr's and see where I stand, for real(after the 2 cc's start reporting), and not just the Plus Score.

But have to admit it looks good. I never thought in my wildest imagination, with the stuff on my CR, that going from 521 in March to this would be possible. And I owe it all to the information that's put out on this forum, and the wonderful people who've helped me along the way. Thank you. Smiley Happy

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"Never ever, ever be late. Never" (FUTR)
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