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my scores

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my scores



I am new to this board but I am extremely confused in regards to my scores. Long story short I have been working for about 2 years to increase my scores. About 4 weeks ago I went to apply for a mortgage and my scores were around 635 655 678 but at the time I did really like them (they were referred to me by a friend). 2 weeks later i looked into another mortgage company that I liked better and they pulled my credit and it had drastically dropped (2 around 615 and 1 650). something had shown up on my report that was not mine but was a collection for $550. They gave me all the info that was on the report which I called and they deleted it. I know this seems like it was done fast but I checked last night on my reports and it has already been taken off all 3 reports. I went to the experian site and they say my score is 653 now but then I went to the equifax site and got all 3 scores and they show EQ 598 TU 573 and EX 615.  Are these scores fake or are they real but my score hasnt gone up since the deletion. I want to add that there was nothing else at all that has been added negative all accounts are paid and up to date. Sorry for the long post I just really need some help because I really need/ want to buy a house soon.



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Re: my scores

Hello and welcome to the Forums!!!!


The scores you bought are fake scores...we call the FAKO scores here.

You can can use those to look at your report, see what is being reported but you cannot rely on the accuracy of the scores.

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Re: my scores

they were free trials which i have already cancelled but thank you. do my scores take a while to come up or how does it work. I am really in a housing crunch and would prefer to buy at this time rather than rent. Thank you for all the help

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