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myFiCO scores...

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myFiCO scores...

Today marks 6 months since I last pulled my reports and FICO scores so I purchased the 3 bureau package from this very website.


I am very happy with the tremendous increases I've seen in my scores (40-60 points) since my Ch 13 discharge last May.


The question I have is... why the variance between my TU FICO listed here (661) and the one that my Walmart card gives me for free on their site?  (645)


These numbers were both pulled today.  What can I expect with a lender pull?  I'm wanting to refinance my 8.9% car loan in the next 30-60 days.  Are the scores I just paid for the same my lender will see or are they going to be looking at something 15-20 points lower like what shows from Walmart?

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Re: myFiCO scores...

Different scoring models -- MyFico is TU 98, Walmart TU 08.


I don't know when the Walmart score was calculated, but I would not assume that it's done on demand, but instead monthly.


Lenders use a variety of formulas, including customized ones, so it's hard to say for sure what they will come up with.


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