by on ‎11-26-2010 04:44 AM

Barry, any chance that a myFICO score report would include how it arrives at its overall utilization? As much fun as I have had matching up myFICO's listed percentage for me with my own calculated percentage, a high number of credit card holders don't know what their true utilization is.

My newest card is NPSL. Its account type is revolving and its high balance reports, so I quickly built up a whopping balance and paid it down to less than half before the statement date, thereby creating a comfortable high balance in lieu of the credit limit that's not reported.

I paid down the balance in full before the statement date a month later and am now eagerly awaiting the EQ score fluctuation based on the NPSL account going from 49% to 0%. Unfortunately, I will not know the exact impact, because another card reported earlier than expected, so the NPSL card will take my overall utilization to 0%.

That's not to say all of my cards will be reporting balances of $0. Yet another card actually has a reported balance, but it's NPSL, of the kind that's not used for utilization. But it likely counts as an account with a balance.