by Maori on ‎10-08-2012 06:01 AM

Why does Equifax dispute accounts and say its from the attorney general on lines of credit? I reported then for putting items on my credit, "mix-files," missing payment history, missing credit limits.
The person at equifax claimed the items put on was verified by PHONE and she could not send me the verification (complete description of method used to investigate this item) Then the rep sends a letter to the Attorney General stating what would remain, and removing the items in relationship to my identity theft and that I would receive a copy of score, and report and the outcome of the investigation.
I spoke with this rep to find out why I am receiving letters from identity theft related collections, and my current creditors are all contacting me stating that "Equifax has contacted them on MY BEHALF because I am stating that the account is not mine and Attorney General made this request" and she stated they were left over from when we spoke. UGH
That is not what she sent to the Attorney General nor what she told me.
I never disputed anything that is MINES and the Attorney General was call on Equifax about the legal term "Mix-Files" this is when two or more credit files merge together due to data error. Then they marked all my accounts new and added 41 inquiries.