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Re: Hop in! On my way to a 100k!



1.   When I was in the shower (in the hotel), I was like duh, I should have asked for another free shampoo!  I always take them with me and use them all up.  If I don't need it, I don't ask for it.   So in this case, a hotel shampoo will give me one day of hair washing...not sure what the dollar (or cent) value of that would be...but still, every penny adds up!


2.   The hotel was doing free cookies tonight.  I couldn't eat them, so feeling kinda bummed.  DH had suggested we spend a dollar or two and go buy me cookies.  I said no - remember the goal.  Instead, I asked the employee if I could have a breakfast muffin instead.   The  employee said sure!   Sweet!  Saved two dollars.  Smiley Happy

(1) My DGF and I always take the complimentary stuff at the hotels. That's what it is there for. She cleans house right before check out. We've amassed quite the nice "back-up" toiletries because of it. I've actually had a bunch of nice cups of coffees because of this as well. That right there is an easy dollar saved.


(2) I could have sworn I had talked about cookies at hotels in another thread. I went to a Hampton Inn and they had them (I believe in Quakertown, PA)... and I grabbed a bunch. Just because you never know that you might want a snack somewhere down the road (we were taking a mini road trip) and voila, cookies. It actually did happen to us twice, and thankfully, we had the cookies. Definitely beats spending 5 bucks at a convinience store or a gas station where you are almost assured to be spending money on more than one thing.

(3) DGF loves to write to the companies that we use, but sometimes she'll write to the companies whose products are featured as complimentary at hotels. The email will tell them that we loved the products used and are looking to become regular buyers in the future. We've gotten coupons, vouchers, and even free samples at times. Just for 2 minutes of her time, another few dollars saved.



We do things like this all the time, specially me. Hence the forum name. Anything to save a buck, means a buck I can count on later.

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