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Re: How do you handle the Ex.'s collection calls....

We are working on the fraud issue. We have sent letters to the CC companies asking for signature's etc. Not sure what they will do being that these accounts where included in his CH 7 and have all been discharged. We do have fraud alerts on his credit reports. I will say the CR's were very nice in helping us delete  all her information that was on his reports.

He did it all over the phone, and just told them his situation. They even told him which accounts was associated with her address etc. If anything else pops up on his reports or if she tries to use his information again we will know about it and he is ready to move forward to the fullest in dealing with her. 

Now if we can just get the collection companies to stop calling us. I will do some research and work on sending out letters to them telling them to cease all contact with us. 

As for the Ex. well I hope Karma catches up with her. Right now my BF is calling the utilitiy companies in her area and making sure she doesn't have them in his name or the kids. Yes she's that bad. 

We are also waiting to hear back from the places that hit him with inquiries. We sent them letters requesting why and for what and if they have signatures to please send them.