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Re: Never co-sign a loan. Never, ever ever.

It appears that the credit union ignored my first GW letter, so I have to try again this week.  This credit union is very hard to deal with because they are very large and they like to pretend that they are one of those "too big to fail" commercial banks.  They are being really unreasonable.


I guess the next step is to contact the CEO and see if they can do anything about the mess.  I'm still really upset about getting this late on my report after all my hard work.


My score rebounded by 25 points because some old baddies fell off my report, but unfortunately I'm still down by 10 points right now and the score simulator on this site says I can't get my score above 700 within the next year due to my ex's late car payment.  This is so infuriating!

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