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Re: Hop in! On my way to a 100k!

IOBA wrote:

The first week has successfully passed. 


  • I had to stick to my guns about the laundry.  DH wanted to use the dryers at the Laundromat last time we went.  Since he went with me and really wanted to do it, I said it was ok but he needed to realize that it would use up the rest of our laundry money up.  That meant no more laundry before payday.  He said ok.   Hahahaha – a week later he’s talking about going to do laundry. I had to be VERY firm and say NO.   There is no money.  You have to wait until payday.   He grumbled…he likes laundry done every week, not every two weeks.  But he made his choice – to use the dryer.
  • Reorganized the kitchen cabinets.  Turns out I had more food than I thought!   So with some creativity, I have managed to stretch the food money through to payday.  I admit, it’s getting harder and harder to do this, but I am trying.  I chopped up the last two onions, put them in the crockpot, added some veggie broth and spices…and later the last of the tomatoes…made a great onion soup that has lasted 3 meals!   Took the last 3 potatoes and made them into hash browns.  Breakfast was hash browns and an apple.  Now I am snacking on the candied giner.  (oh. joy.)


So this past week was baby steps.

Just wanted to comment, since I had the first discussion with DGF. She doesn't understand why I do laundry every two weeks instead of every 3 or 4 days like she does. I rent and have no washer/dryer. She has her own house and does. She doesn't understand yet that it's a lot more convenient and cost-effective to have two weeks worth of clothes done at once rather than every few days. She has the convenience of doing them at home, first off, and I don't... so that alone makes a world of a difference. I also have to toy around with the times the laundromat is open and make sure I don't go there when it's full.


So I feel your pain on the laundry one. WAY cheaper to do it all at once then spread out.


I reorganized my pantry a few weeks ago and wanted to move to the front everything that expires this year.

Lo and behold, I found out I had enough pasta to feed 17 families. But only 3 jars of sauce. This is what the can-can sale at Shoprite does to you.




But back to you, I applaud your efforts. This is good stuff right here.

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