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Re: Hop in! On my way to a 100k!

I now have three c.d.'s at Ally, and I opened an interest checking account. The c.d.'s and interest checking account are to pay off my student loans, and make my auto insurance payment in August. (Any payments made on my student loans before May 5th will be applied towards my 3.4%, no matter how many letters I write or phone calls I make. After May 5th, I'm allowed to pay down the 6.8% student loan. I set up automatic payments from the Ally account to begin on May 7th, and all the money I want to pay on them before my grace period ends is in there or in the c.d.'s and will automatically deposit in there upon maturity.) I also set up another c.d., just because I had too much money. I started working full-time again in November, and I've been poor for so long, I just didn't know how to spend money anymore, so I'm going to save it all. I amassed a few thousand in my in my credit union checking account, but they made me mad. I opened a Discover high-yield savings account, new checking and savings accounts at a different credit union, now the new interest checking account and c.d.'s at Ally, all within the last month. I also wanted a credit score, again, (I lived cash-only after my divorce in 2003), so I've opened two major credit cards, one credit union credit card that I just closed (like I said, my credit union made me mad), one gas card and one retail charge card. I was playing with my credit score, but I raised it too much and now it's just sitting there, waiting for my accounts to mature or for me to get a mortgage or car loan. I needed a new game to play, so I started opening new accounts and c.d.'s. This is getting a little excessive. My DBF doesn't understand, neither does my brother or mother, but including the c.d.'s, the credit/charge cards, the checking and savings accounts, I've opened 12 total accounts since December. Before that, I had the same two accounts at my credit union for eight years. I think they're all juggled well and most of my payments or transfers are automatic, but this way I don't have to look at my money, and can continue living the frugal life to which I am accustomed.


IOBA, I get paid once a month, and I think I'll start getting a new c.d. every payday, too. This sounds like more fun than raising a credit score, plus I don't have to be offended by having too high of a balance in my accounts. :-P