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Re: A very foolish friend... Is he screwed?
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FrugalRican wrote:

Do these three letters accurately describe your reaction: smh

In his defense.... the guy is very emotional, easlily led by women, and not too bright. Everyone begged, argued, and pleaded with him against signing half the house over to no avail. He wanted to make her happy (Honestly, I'd write "shut her up" but don't want to get anyone going) and stop hearing about how not being on the mortgage was too insecure a position to be in and live there.


It was a disaster we all saw coming but all the advice was met with his or her saying we were being unsupportive of their relationship. He also felt we couldn't see what a deep commection they had, versus all the other relationships, LOL! What a maroon!


The only real surprise would have been if he grew a pair or did something smart. Irony is he's actually not the type to learn from this at all and blames her for his stupidity. Smiley Happy

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