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Re: A very foolish friend... Is he screwed?

Sad to say, I know 5 guys that every penny was sucked out of them by women, most even left with debt. Oh you know the end to the story, these women(can't say the word I wand to use) did move on to other victims.

One was a neighbor, he meet her after his mom passed away leaving him with an inheritance. Short story, they married bought the house next door PIF also a truck for him PIF, she mortgage the house away with a gambling problem, he sold his truck (that broke his heart)they divorced, bank got the house,she went her way he went his. I seen him again, a few years later and he said" he wants her back".


These women would divide and concur, want I mean is. After they came in these guys life's, they would cut off all contact with friends and relatives. By saying, all of them hate her, he's the only one who understands her.  Everyone but these guys could see exactly what was going on,these women brainwashed these guys.


One of these guys is a relative, all happened recently a week ago. He took out a car title loan a month ago, at 266% so she could have some money. I talked with her, she said it was her loan she would pay it back. Well that didn't happen,shes gone. I'm afraid he is going to lose the car. I called the loan place, they said he needs to pay 134 a week to refinance the loan with 5% going toward the principle. That should be illegal, I checked it's not.


I wish I knew, what we can do to save these guys, but I don't. Time and pray maybe the only things to helps.

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