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Stay-at-home spouse... Good Credit Benefits?

I'm adding my wife as an AU to two of my cards. Wanted to bounce this off you guys to make sure it makes sense.


For some background, her credit was wercked by an ex, the last baddie just before we met about six years ago (i.e. all about to fall off). Since then, she has one Cap1 card (~$0 balance) and that's it. Also, we plan for her to go stay-at-home in ~1 year or so, if we're blessed enough to have kiddos.


On the surface, it's a no-brainer: she can see the account activity (trust) and can use the card as needed (trust/convenience). Long-term, it will help her credit... But that's where I'm kind of stuck.


What good is good credit for a stay-at-home spouse? Can anyone think of how we can benefit, assuming mine is as good or better?

"Credit is purely a cash flow tool. Thinking of credit as extra money you didn't have before makes it an EXPENSIVE cash flow tool."