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Re: I hate to tell my husband no but...

FrugalRican wrote:

Was joking with my mother about this over the phone, and she told me she went through a similar situation with her boyfriend.

He's trying to build his own house to rent out or for them to move in but he saw a car he wanted.


What did she do?


They took a small weekend getaway and she rented that specific car so they could drive to and from their destination.

After 2 or 3 days of driving it, the itch was gone. She figured she might have spent a few bucks doing that, but it saved them a bunch of money overall from him buying on impulse. Few days later, he had gotten over buying the car.


I told her that had the potential to backfire ridiculously. She just answered that it only backfires if you do a test drive, give them 2 or 3 days, and the feeling of excitement goes away once you realize it's another vehicle. It made sense.


My DGF would have just sent me to grill something.

That makes perfect sense...  I love the ideas i get on this forum...  For me, I'm the one that loves shiney new cars. I love cars. They are great. A nice car is a wonderful thing to have...  I've been trying to get Joey to take me to go see the new Volvos'  He won't budge... we aren't buying til 2016...  but I just want to go pet a shiney new car Smiley Wink


On the flip side, my current 2008 volvo is paid for, his 2008 dodge nitro is paid for.  We just have an explorer sport trac left with 19k financed for 35 more months at 4% courtesy of NFCU.


The next car, I hope is with cash... or at least one of those 0.9% financing for 36 months deals.   I could live with that quite well Smiley Happy

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