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Re: Stay-at-home spouse... Good Credit Benefits?

FrugalRican wrote:

I think she needs to establish her own credit. Is she still working now?

Because a YEAR is a LOT of time to establish her own.


I get the AU route, I really do, but I don't see how that really helps the trust issue... but that's my opinion.


And you said she'll be a stay at home mom for a year, could be longer... could be less.

Point is, she's going to need credit and establish it responsibly. You are looking too much at the short-term and at just one small gap in time. Look bigger picture, longer-term.


God forbid something happens to you and all she has is a Crap1.

You two have time. If piggybacking off of you for a few months gets her better cards, then so be it, but after reading and hearing and seeing so many AU horror stories in the past... I'd be trying to work harder to get her own credit set up, rather than trying to bank off of mine.

The Stay at Home Spouse and even the spouse with the lessor income needs good credit too in my opinion.. what if you want to refi the house, or go joint on a car loan for 24 months instead of 60 months. What if their income, even though its less than yours, will be needed one day on an application. 


We are currently rebuilding my fiance's credit for this reason. 

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