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Re: Hop in! On my way to a 100k!

discernment - I am blessed.  


As for health, I am still paying off medical bills from last fall and I am on medicine for life.  (The doctors still want to do one more surgery, but I am saying no right now.)  I just don't let the medical stuff get me down.  I know I have days where I can't do anything and days that I get very little done.  I looked at my very expensive, two week hospital stay as a weight loss camp.  :smileywink:


As for income, my income varies and I make do with what I have.  I do my best (and believe me it's a struggle sometimes) to have a written budget and stick to it.  My budget is based on the minimum I need for bills.  I went all winter without heat to be able to make payments on the medical bills.   Last summer, I went all summer (even though temps were more than 100 degrees to be able to make payments on the medical bills.)  One of the things that helps make things work is I am now debt free except for medical.  


My motto of pay myself first - I do that.   And sometimes it means working out a payment plan for a bill.   And sometimes it means cutting back somewhere else in my budget to have the cash for a bill.  


Don't let the bills get you down.  Don't let your health get you down.  Don't let the paycheck (or lack of one) get you down.  The posting here about the plan keeps me feeling good about what I CAN do.  And the focus is definitely on the "CAN DO" positives instead of the negatives.   


Think positive.