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Re: Wedding debt..

DH and I just got married at the preacher's house.  We dressed nicely, had the ceremony, just us.  I think he took the certificate into another room for his wife and friend to sign as witnesses.   We thanked him, left, and went to our favorite restaurant for lunch.


No friends or family.  No gifts.  No honeymoon.


It's not anyone elses job to get us started in married life - it's ours.   And if we can't afford to do things together, like start a life without going into debt or depending on others to pay for a start, we won't do so well starting.   We might improve later on, but then again, maybe not.


So we choose to do the path of self pay.  


As for the honeymoon, we thought the purpose was to get our jiggy on.  Well, sheez, we can do that at home.  Smiley Wink   Why spend hundreds or thousands to pay for a different place to do that??


Just our story...