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Re: Hop in! On my way to a 100k!

Week six – wow – it just amazes me the changes we have made.  I think the biggest one, that has had the MOST impact, was having a positive perspective of how much money we can save.   I mentally use to be disappointed that we were only saving about $300 a month.   For some people, that is a huge stretch.   And for us, I felt we were really going without. 


But since I turned that around, started to include the employer TSP (a version of the 401k program) contribution, started to count interest being earned, and actually took a hard look at the interest rates being offered by various banks for different products – my positive outlook sees a growing savings pile that was beyond what I thought was even possible!


We are more disciplined now than ever before.   I do stick to my guns about things more too.   In March and April, I stuck to my guns about the laundry.  There were only so many quarters to be had.  Period.   That was the $10 I had budgeted for the month to do laundry.  We use to hang up laundry before when we did laundry at home, no reason why we can’t do it now.  So what if we leave the laundry mat with wet clothes?


  • I have been doing the budget game.   DH wants to get his shoes resoled.  Ok, where does that fit into the budget?  Yep – the household account.  We have $35 a paycheck that goes into that account.   That means plan one month in advance (it costs $60 to resole the shoes). If we are short money in another area, we take from the household account.
  • Mother’s Day’s cards – household account.   Already have the postage stamps at home, so we are good to go.  But if I do pay for postage, it comes from the household account.
  • Hair cut?  Personal account.  Budget is $50 a paycheck for this one too.   And you know it, if we are short somewhere else, this account does not get funded from that paycheck.
  • I go to the bank at least once a week.  I deposit my loose coins into savings.   It usually ends up being about $3-5.   Sometimes less.  Seldom more.  But I am watching it add up and move that boulder of “need to find under a rock” money.
  • I went to the bank today to get cash.  Their computer system was down and she said I could not have any cash because the check I was depositing was no good (because she couldn’t verify it) and she didn’t know if I have enough money on my account.   (eye roll – for real?)    Then she told me to go use my ATM card to get cash from the cash machine and it MIGHT work.   Um, if the computer system is down, how will their ATM be able to check my bank balance?  It’s on the same network!   I looked at her and said I don’t have an ATM card.  She was shocked!!  Lol – well, I really don’t have one.   Makes it easy to get cash or to spend.
  • So, I went to another bank and withdrew cash – all ten dollar bills – for the next week and half.  Starting with May 1 – I am pushing very hard to keep on the food budget.   The cash for two weeks was not working out so well.  We definitely spent less on food, but still more than budget.   So now, I pull out $10 a day from that stash and that has to feed both of us.   Ya know what DH learned?  It’s dang hard to go out to eat and feed both of us for $10!!   He finally said Subway was our best chance, as he looked longingly at the Dunkin Donuts entry door.   I helped him out a bit and said we could share a foot long.  $9.90 for a foot long combo.  J  
  • On the same note (this is important cuz we are going to visit friends, go to a graduation, and then TDY, so we will be on the road for the next week and half, thus the cash) – I asked DH how we are going to eat on the road all day with only $10.   I wish you guys could have seen his face.  It was precious.  I am sure all those cups of coffee flashed before his eyes…so did his large Angus value meal…and chocolate chip cookies.   He sighed.  He looked at the pile of things I had pulled out of the cabinets and said, “I guess I can eat that. “  Lol – is there something wrong with candied ginger, pumpkin seeds, and rice crackers??  I think not!   So he actually, kinda got into planning out some of his meals for the week.   FrugalRican – be proud of me now – I reminded him he could have a free breakfast at the hotel and make his lunch with the breakfast fixings.  J   That means planning dinner with ten bucks – totally doable.   And he suggested we bring the crockpot.   I could have wept.  I am usually the food planner and packer and cooker.
  • DH offered to go the grocery store and pick up ice cream as a snack.   Since we don’t have a freezer, it means eating it all up right away (cost of ice cream is $4-5.50 depending on sales).  I said he could, but how was he going to pay for it?  We’d already used our ten dollars for the day.   Then I nicely asked him to cut up an apple for my dessert.   I ate apple and he ate the leftover rice with some milk.  Whew – over spending averted!