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Re: Hop in! On my way to a 100k!

ihatemyscore - thank you for  the questions!  


1.  Each paycheck, I purchase a $100 CD at Navy.   If I have a little extra, even if it's pennies, I add it to the CD.

2.  When I go to the bank with loose change (left over from cash purchases) I add  that to a CD.   Navy and USAA allow you to add to existing CD's.  Navy will let you add however much you want to add.  I do that.  And yes, I have been known to add as little as one penny to a CD.

3.  With the first paycheck of the month, after I have bought the CD, I do an "even out" payment for each CD.   Since the CD's have just earned interest, it's super easy to know how much interest it earned, and I add whatever is needed (under a dollar) to the CD to bring it up to the nearest whole dollar.  (ie:  CD is at 100.00, it earns 3 cents in interest, so I add 97 cents to bring the total to $101.   Make sense?

4.  Each paycheck, I put $50 into Ally bank.   

5.  About hte first of the month, I purchase a CD at Ally of $100.


So big picture, I purchase about $300 worth of CD's a month, and then do "even out" payments with Navy.


If I come into a little extra money, I put it into a CD.  


With my savings plan, I have been building up some CD's a bit faster than just the even out payment.  My goal is to get each one at Navy to $200.  Once I achieve that, I will set a new goal.  


I also ask, monthly, if there is a CD special.  If there is, I find a way to get that CD.  Smiley Happy


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