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Re: Wedding debt..
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My wife and I both agreed before and after the wedding we would have preferred to elope. However, the wedding is really more for friends and family than the bride and groom. Ask most folks who have been married - the ceremony and reception go by really fast, and then you wake up thinking, "That would have been a nice down payment on a house!"


I'm also old-fashioned - father of the bride should pay for most (if not all) of the wedding, unless there are circumstances preventing that. The budget in that case is between bride and father, and the groom basically says, "Whatever you want dear," and makes it happen.


Regardless, you can do a great ceremony and reception for cheap, and it will arguably be just as much fun. Stock up on disposable cameras and cheap wine and champagne, for an open bar. This ~$500 expense guarantees all of your guests will be happy with whatever else there is Smiley Happy



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